Residents of Masanafu In Panic Over Threatening Letters

The letters were warning people in the area to get ready for being butchered even when they are in houses having perimeter walls they will find them.
02 Sep 2021 18:01
One of the letters written

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Tension is high among residents of Masanafu in Rubaga Division in Kampala because of anonymous letters dropped by unidentified people threatening to harm them.   

The anonymous letters written in Luganda warn residents to get ready even when they leave in houses with perimeter walls. 

“Namwe Tujja Tujja Mwetegeke Tujja Esawa Yona Mubere Bulindara Wano Twagala 100,” reads part of the letter. 

The residents now enter their houses early enough to avoid being caught unawares by the attackers. 

Masanafu comprises Kinoonya zone with over 10,000 people and Bukuluugi zone with 15,000 people according to the recent census by the local authorities. 

Sepiriya Kabuuka the LC 1 Chairman Kinoonya zone in Masanafu, says that the anonymous letters particularly singled out Erina Luyiga and another resident only identified as Hajjati as the first targets of the attack. 

He, however, called for calm from residents, saying that they have the capacity to handle the situation in conjunction with the police.  

//Cue in: "Ekisoka abantu 


Cue out:….Ekipapula ekiral,”//  


Madina Nansereko, who has a restaurant in the area, says that she is worried because of the threats since several people in Masaka have lost their lives in machete attacks.


//Cue in: “Abantu tulina business  


Cue out:…Oba on oba oli,"//    

Henry Mwesige, the Masanafu Bukuluugi zone chairman, suspects that jobless youths are behind the anonymous letters.

//Cue in: "Tulina abaana" 


Cue out:….Kolera Masanafu,"//       

The Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigire, says they received information about the anonymous letters, adding that similar letters were dropped in Nabbingo. 

He has urged residents to stay calm, saying police will contain the situation.     

//Cue in: "Kumbeera yebibaluwa….


Cue out: Mu kitundu kyabwe,"///     

According to Owoyesigire, plans intends to step up operations around Kampala in general especially during curfew time.  

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Cue out:"Obuzibu ng'abantu"       

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