Residents petition IGG to Investigate Kalisizo Medical Staff

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Residents of Rakai have petitioned the Inspector General of Government to investigate the conduct of medical staff at Kalisizo hospital.

The resident's anger follows the death of two expectant mothers in Kalisizo hospital, within a space of less than two months.

The two expectant mothers are Ruth Nankabirwa and Cathy Samala all residents of Kyanika village.

Godfrey Gyagenda, the LC 2 chairman of Banda parish says that two mothers died because they were left unattended too after failing to bribe nurses to attend to them.

He says that Nankabirwa who was expecting triplets was neglected because her husband failed to pay a nurse shillings 20,000 for her medical care.

// Cue in: "When she was taken..."

Cue out: ".... medical workers."//

Gyagenda says that they reported the matter to Kalisizo police post but nothing has been done.

He says that they want the IGG to investigate and prosecute the corrupt medical workers to protect the lives of his electorate.

Emmy Nalubega, the councilor representing Kyaniika parish at Kabira Sub County says the residents have lost confidence in the health system in Rakai.

She says that as a result of the unreliable medical services, several expectant mothers have resorted to traditional birth attendants because they are scared to go to hospital.

Dr. George Wagumbulizi, the Kalisizo Hospital Medical Superintendent has declined to comment on the allegations saying that he can't respond to rumors.

Diana Aletiru, the research and communications officer at Transparency International, which operates in Rakai, says the level of corruption in health centers in the district is alarming.

She says that they have so far investigated 10 health centers, where there is overwhelming evidence of corruption and theft of drugs.

Aletiru identifies some of the health centers as Kyalurangira Health Center II, Kakuuto Health center III, Kacheera health center II and Kabira health center II.