Residents Storm Police Station Demanding for Release of Suspect

As a result, the residents decided to storm Luweero Police station demanding for the unconditional release of the suspects.
Some of the Protestors Outside Luweero District Headquarter
Luweero Central Police Station was a scene of drama this morning after more than 100 residents stormed the police station demanding the release of 17 suspects. The suspects were picked up by police from a pool joint in Kasana town on Friday evening last week. Police accused the suspects of being rogues and vagabonds and preferred against them the charges of being idle and disorderly. However, the arrest of the suspects didn’t go down well with the residents who say that their colleagues were picked up while playing pool past the working hours.

This morning, more than 100 residents stormed the office of Hajji Abdul Nadduli, the Luweero District LC V demanding for his intervention to have the suspects released in vain. As a result, the residents decided to storm Luweero Police station demanding for the unconditional release of the suspects. No sooner, hard the residents arrived than police ordered the suspects to board a patrol car and drove them to undisclosed location. Issa Katongole, one of the residents explains that they decided to storm the police station to also protest the police brutality.

Katongole explains that on the fateful day he was standing outside the pool joint when he saw two policemen take strategic positions at the entrance of the joint. He says that one of the cops entered the joint with a stick and started beating up the suspects as he forced them out to board a waiting police patrol vehicle. Aloysious Jjeke, another resident says that most of the suspects have been patronizing the joint to play pool after work. He faults police for failing to arrest criminals who break into their homes at night and instead resort to harassing innocent people.

Jjeke says that most of the suspects are builders, while others operate in Kasana Taxi Park. Some of the protestors, who declined to reveal their identities for fear of being victimized by police, claim that when they went to visit the suspects on Monday they were asked to pay 100, 000 shillings by the cops to have them released on police bond. Samuel Bamuzibire, the Luweero District Police Commander dismisses claims that they have been asking residents to pay shillings 100,000 to have the suspects released on bond. He challenges any body making the claim to out and pin point the implicated officers so that disciplinary action is taken against them.


Bamuzibire says that the suspects have been taken to court to be charged as rogues and vagabonds. He however, declined to reveal which particular because the Luweero chief magistrate’s court is just opposite the police station, but none of the suspects was there when the DPC spoke to URN. Some of the suspects include Abu Baker Mukasa, Sam Kabonge, Tony Bbaale and Henry Mukalazi among others. He explains that they picked up the suspects following an outcry from members of the public on the increasing crime involving some of the people who spend time playing pool. By the time of filing this story residents could be seen in small groups as if they were planning their next course of action.

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