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Rubaga NRM Mayoral Candidate Rejects Results

Kabugo lost to Mahad Kawesa who polled 12,172 against Kabugo’s 2,968 votes.
15 Sep 2020 12:35
Mahad Kawesa (R) trying to reconsile terms with Wilson Kabugo (L) whom he won in the Lubaga race for the Mayoral Flag bearership

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One of the NRM contestants for Rubaga Mayoral seat Wilson Kabugo has rejected the results from the party primaries.  Kabugo lost to Mahad Kawesa who polled 12,172 against Kabugo’s 2,968 votes.

Kawesa was declared the winner by the NRM district registrar for Rubaga Robert Kato prompting Kabugo to openly protest the results.

Kabugo argued that the party leadership together with Kato’s agents in Rubaga are fond of manipulating results. He says that he intends to run as an independent.

//Cue in: “We have got a problem with…

Cue out: “…the network at the top. //

However, Kawesa refutes the allegations. He says that Kabugo spent most of his time since the 2016 elections battling court cases, hence lacking time to mobilize voters. 

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Cue out: "...wennyini namuwanguddewo.//

The NRM Party Chairperson for Rubaga District Abdullah Kitatta said that election was peaceful on average, but the few irregularities were unavoidable.

He urged Kabugo and others who lost, to accept defeat for the good of the NRM party.

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