Rubirizi RDC Closes School for Flouting Covid-19 SOPs

The school had opened to other classes including the nursery section contrary to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education.
Harriet Nakamya the Rubirizi RDC says she has summoned school head teachers to discuss adherence to SOPs

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The Resident District Commissioner Rubirizi District Harriet Nakamya has closed Maria Sedes Sapientiae Kindergarten School for flouting the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs.

The school had opened to other lower classes including the nursery section contrary to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education.

In February, the Cabinet approved the reopening of schools in a "staggered manner" that will ensure compliance with Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs). Among the stringent measures includes the wearing of face masks; social distancing rules, hand washing facilities or use of hand sanitiser.

All schools in the country were closed in March 2020 as a measure to control the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) disease. 

The first phase of re-opening under this arrangement only targeted semi candidates (P.6, S3, and S.5) and the second targeted P.4, P.5 and S.1. However, the school was sneaking in learners from other classes.

The kindergarten school was also illegally operating a boarding section to accommodate learners from far places including Kasese District. Classrooms were found to have more than 70 learners.

Nakamya says that they raided the school after receiving information from a whistleblower.

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Nakamya has called for a meeting with all headteachers in the district to ensure they comply with the standards. She also blamed parents with children in lower classes for taking them to school before they are allowed to be open.

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Umar Ashaba the Rubirizi District speaker says they are worried about schools that are trying to evade the standard procedures.

Last month, the Ministry of Education cautioned school inspectors against looking on as schools stealthy sneak in non-authorized learners and flout the SOPs.