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Rukungiri Councilors Accuse CAO of Incompetence :: Uganda Radionetwork

Rukungiri Councilors Accuse CAO of Incompetence

The councilors also accuse CAO Waswa of evicting tenants from district houses located in Rwamahwa, an issue they say has led the district to lose revenue.
One of the councilors protesting with a placard

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A section of Rukungiri district councilors are up in arms against Hajji Swalihk Masokoyi Wasswa, the Chief Administrative Officer, over what they have described as incompetence.

 The ouncilors accuse Waswa of failure to implement district council resolutions and following up on the compensation of People with Disabilities (PWD) over their land located in Rwamahwa, Nyakagyeme sub county. 

Albert Mugisha Gwamugata, the councilor representing Buyanja Sub County, David Kwebangyira of Kebisoni Town Council, Benon Kyarisima of Buhunga Sub County, Kenyangi Agnes representing People With Disabilities say that in September 2021 the district council gave out 203 acres of land located in Kikomo village, Bwambara parish, Bwambara Sub County adjacent to Bwambara sub-county headquarters to Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) to establish an Industrial park. But, according to the councilors, the office of the CAO substituted it with another at Bwoma hill in Rwamahwa, Nyakagyeme sub county instead of sanctioning compensation.   

They also accuse Waswa of evicting tenants from district houses located in Rwamahwa , an issue they say has led the district to lose revenue. Nahurira Winfred, the councilor representing Kebisoni Sub County and Kebisoni Town Council, Alex Tumuranye  Omuziinga and  Jovia Milly Mbabazi, councilors representing  Eastern  and Benson Kabyamagwakyi councilor representing  Ruhinda Sub County accuse Waswa of failure to institute means of compelling fishermen at Rweshama landing site located of  Lake Edward’s side of Bwambara sub county pay shillings 2,000 daily dues.    They want Waswa to choose between implement council resolutions or leave Rukungiri district.  

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Joseph Tubyamubona, the Rukungiri District Speaker, says that Waswa has  failed to follow up the issue of compensation since PWDS were not convinced with the exchange with Rwamahwa land.  Turyamubona says that collection of dues from fishermen at Rweshama landing site hit a dead end due to unresolved issues with the marine army deployed there. He however did not reveal the unresolved issues. 

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Cue out: …na CAO.”//

  In his defense, Waswa denies the accusations of incompetence and accuses the protesting councilors of fighting political wars. Waswa firmly asserts that he cannot bend to councilors’ pressure to implement unlawful resolutions.  Waswa argues that the Rwamahwa land issue is not in his jurisdiction since it is located in Rukungiri Municipality. He advised the complaining councilors to petition the office of the Local Government Ministry or take legal action since they don’t believe in him. 

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