Rwabogo: NRM Leaders Kill Party Structures; We Need New Tactics

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President Musevenis son in-law, Odrek Rwabogo says senior party leaders have weakened the party by veering off the party ideology. He says the party now needs young blood to inculcate the party ideology to the young generation.
Odrek Rwabogo has been meeting different party officials

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NRM party structures in the grassroots have been weakened by the party leaders moving away from the ideology of the party and lack of information, says Odrek Rwabogo.

Rwabwogo, who is the son in-law to President Museveni, was speaking to Kibaale District NRM leaders from

different levels. According to him, the leaders have abandoned the core values which call for pan-africanism, broad-baseness, being pro-people and self-reliance. Speaking in Runyakitara, Rwabogo says party leaders instead rush for big government positions and abandon strengthen party structures in the grassroot.

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He echoed a need for building of a self-reliant nation and party, and criticised president Museveni for giving money handouts to the youth instead of teaching them how to become self-reliant. He warns the party being in power cannot stop the party from collapsing, giving examples of Uganda People\'s Congress in Uganda and Kenya African National Union.

Rwabogo is contesting to be the NRM Vice Chairperson for Western Uganda. He is putting focus on preaching self-reliance as one of his key campaign strategies.

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Matia Kairu, one of the National Resistance Army veterans, challenged Rwabwogo to work on concerns of war veterans once he is elected to the position because historical leaders have neglected them. Rwabogo is challenging Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza who holds the position, and is also Uganda\'s ambassador to Burundi. The other candidate in the race is Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafire, the Minister of Justice and

Constitutional Affairs.

Rwabogo has come under criticism for challenging historicals in the party, with some senior party members urging the president to discourage his son in-law from seeking the position.

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