Sale of Food and Alcohol at Namugongo Martyrs Shrine Banned

June 3rd Martyrs Day is around the corner, but it could be a little different for people who have in the past used the day not to reflect on the martyrs, but to make an extra dime on their businesses.
The Martyrs shrine at Namugongo has over time been transformed from a center of pilgrimage for the christians faithfuls, to one of the most lucrative business venue for all types of traders in Kampala.
While pilgrims trek to Namugongo to pray and contemplate on the significance of the Uganda Martyrs, thousands of people have entered the Martyrs Day in their diaries as a day to descend onto Namugongo to eat pork, drink alcohol and Dance to all sorts of tunes.
For the youths, it's time to realize the inner-self, while for petty thieves, martyrs day is usually a day to wreck havoc on the bags and pockets of the pilgrims.
But this story could change plot this year.
Kabale Diocese, the organizers of this year's Martyrs day have announced a ban on the sale of Alcohol and food stuff at the shrine. In addition no extra activities will be allowed to take place beyond 8:00pm on the eve of Martyrs day.
Dr Peter Ngatengeize, a member of the Kabale diocese martyr's day celebrations organizing committee, says the ban is intended to control acts of hooliganism that have in the past tainted the purpose of Martyrs day.
Dr Ngatengeize says that no food is served during church services the World over and situation should not be any different at Namugongo.
He however says that they will contract a few selected people to serve drinking water to the pilgrims.
Judith Nabakooba, the police spokeswoman says that police have already deployed heavily ahead of the celebrations. She says police have also established several command posts to ensure law and order.