Salon Operators Ready to Observe Standard Operating Procedures

Salon and Spa Operators have called on Government to reopen their sector since they have been observing hygiene and safety before the covid-19 lockdown.
A salon in KAzo open to clients

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Salon and Spa operators have asked the government to reopen their businesses.

The operators on Tuesday under their Association of Salons and Spas in Uganda petitioned the Speaker of Parliament. They argue that after four months of being redundant, they have greatly been affected by COVID-19 lockdown and have always been observing all the Standard Operating Procedures before the lockdown.

The team led by their chairperson Abdul Kareem Mucunguzi presented a petition and a video to the Speaker of Parliament demonstrating how they can observe social distancing, cleanliness and hygiene. According to Mucunguzi, they have been using sterilizers and cleaning towels among others.

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Kareem said that they have also been trying to get financial assistance from the Government in vain.

Christine Nakasigwa, the Spokesperson of the Association who said that they are more than 1.5 million people in the salon and spa business argues that since the government has developed SOPs for other sectors, Salons also deserve SOPs and reopening.

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Robert Ahimbisibwe says that the video clip they presented to the Speaker was to show that they can meet the standard operating procedures if put in place.

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The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga said that she will discuss the matter with Parliament and also present it to the President.

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