Second UPDF Captain Coordinating OWC Commits Suicide

When his family members came, they knocked but he did not open and since all the doors and windows are metallic, they got a welder to force the door open at around 08:00 PM. The body was still hanging on the rope in full uniform at midnight.
Captain Claver Bagabe who commited suicide

Captain Claver Bagabe of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces -UPDF in Kisoro district has committed suicide.   

Captain Bagabe had been deployed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to work as the Operation Wealth Creation -OWC coordinator in charge of Bufumbira South Constituency in Kisoro.   

Bagabe committed suicide on Wednesday in the early evening at his home in Nyakabingo village, Chahi sub-county, and his body in full miitary uniform was still hanging  on a rope by midnight when URN checked the scene. 

Neighbors told our reporter that Captain Bagabe had earlier been seen alone at home and he closed himself inside his house and locked all the doors and windows.  When his family members came, they knocked but he did not open. 

Because all the doors and windows are metallic, the perturbed family members got a welder at around 08:00 PM to force the door open. Upon opening,  they were shocked to find the captain Bagabe hanging on a rope, dead.  

The officer committed suicide while donning his full military uniform.   

When contacted, Colonel Deo Kayita, Kisoro district OWC program coordinator says that he had received the news but was yet to reach the scene to confirm it himself.  By midnight, Captain Bagabe’s body was still hanging on the rope inside his house. Police had also not arrived at the scene.   

Captain Bagabe is the first OWC Coordinator in Uganda to commit suicide by hanging.  The one who preceded him in February this year used the military tool of trade. Captain Binasia Olaka, the OWC coordinator in Lira City East Division, Lira District shot himself dead with the AK47 assigned to him by the army, at his home in Dokolo town council. Unlike Bagabe, Olaka left a suicide note which police retrieved but did not divulge the contents. The reason for Begabe's suicide will therefore only come out during the inquest. It is still too early to determine when the inquest will be held.

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