Second Wave of Floods Ruins Two Villages in Kasese

The two villages of Kanyaruboga and Bulembia in Kilembe have are in ruins with buildings carried away by floods. The land is now filled with heavy boulders.
A fuel truck that has been delivering fuel to locals in the mountanious areas was struck down by heavy waters

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A second wave of floods has washed away a huge part of Kilembe Mines Hospital and severely destroyed two villages in Kasese district as River Nyamwamba and several other rivers burst their banks on Sunday.

The two villages of Kanyaruboga and Bulembia in Kilembe are in ruins with buildings carried away by floods. The land is now filled with heavy boulders. 

The incident comes just three days after heavy floods from River Nyamwamba left hundreds of residents homeless and destroyed properties and facilities including Kilembe Mines Hospital.

Brigadier Stephen Oluka, who is leading the National Emergency Coordination department in the Office of the Prime Minister, described the situation as “devastating”. Brig. Oluka says they are finding challenges in resettling those who are still trapped in the mountains and accessing health services.

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Oluka adds that they will survey the areas to establish persons who are still leaving in flood-prone areas for resettlement.

Kilembe Mines Hospital administrator Onesmus Kibaya says that a number of structures that had been spared by the Thursday floods have been brought down. Kibaya says the hospital is ideally no more. 

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Kasese Municipality Mayor Geoffrey Kabyanga Baluku says there is nothing to rehabilitate in the two villages that have been damaged. The authorities have resolved to force all persons in the flood-prone areas to vacate as more rains are expected. 

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Pastor Joseph Wafula, a resident of Kilembe says the second wave of floods was worsened by the boulders that have blocked the main river course forcing the fast-running water to wash away the river banks. He says most of the people in the area have been left with nothing to eat and no shelter. He wants the government to de-silt the river as soon as possible. 

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Over 120,000 people are displaced and have sought shelter in churches, sub-county headquarters and others are hosted by relatives and friends.

The Rwenzori mountain areas, which are the catchment for rivers including Nyamwamba, experience heavy rains in the months of April, May, September and October. During this period large volumes of water sweeps through the low lying areas leaving a trail of destruction. The area experienced similar floods in 2018, 2013, 1980 and 1966.