Security Blocks Former Kabale RDC’s Farewell Party

While speaking during a COVID-19 security meeting on Tuesday which attracted all Sub-county chiefs and Officer-in-charges of sub-county police posts at Kabale District Council Hall, new RDC Godfrey Nyakahumaissued a statement saying that the party is hereby blocked.
Darius Nandiinda,former Kabale Resident District Commisioner

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Security authorities have issued a statement blocking a farewell party of Darius Nandiinda, former Kabale Resident District Commissioner -RDC. 

The statement follows a petition by Pierre Mbabazi, a resident of Ihimbi village, Nothern Division, Kabale Municipality and Rubanda District Deputy Speaker to petition the office Kabale Resident District Commissioner protesting that the farewell party is not supposed to happen. 

Late last month, Nandiinda who had served as Kabale RDC for nine years was transferred to Nakasongola district during a mini reshuffle by President Yoweri Museveni. The transfer of Nandiinda created mixed reactions with some of the residents in Kabale celebrating saying that they were tired of his leadership style while others were concerned and unhappy about his transfer. 

Some of Nandiinda’s supporters approached the office of the presidency pleading for rescinding of his transfer but failed to succeed. 

Last week, Nandiinda’s replacement Godfrey Nyakahuma assumed office from Bugiri district. Nandinda however did not show up to the handover of office and Nyakahuma was only welcomed and given office by Nelson Nshangabasheija, district LC5 Chairman and Reuben Mutabazi, District Internal Security Officer. 

In stead Nandiinda himself and his supporters led by Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, the Kabale Municipality Mayor, and Moreen Namanya, a secretary in the Office of the Kabale RDC started collecting money to organize a big farewell party for Friday evening this week.  The party was slated to be held at SPAX BAR & GRILL, located at Makanga hill in Kabale town and which belongs to Byamugisha. 

But in a letter dated to 13th this month and addressed to the office of the Kabale Resident District Commissioner, and copied to the office of the Minister for Presidency, Minister for Health, Kabale District Police Commander and Kabale District Health Officer among others, Mbabazi argues that there is no reason for such a party to be organized in Kabale yet the district is so far battling higher cases of COVID-19. 

Mbabazi also says that with the way many people were contributing money for the party, he is projecting that more than 20 people will attend yet it contravenes with the presidential directives of COVID-19 prevention.  

Mbabazi also warned that in case nothing is done and the party happens, he will organize other people to storm the venue and stop it by force. 

While speaking today during a COVID-19 security meeting on Tuesday which attracted all Sub-county chiefs and Officer-in-charges of sub-county police posts at Kabale District Council Hall, Godfrey Nyakahuma, Kabale Resident District Commissioner issued a statement saying that the party is hereby blocked.

Nyakahuma says that he is effecting an order which he received from the office of the president today.  According to Nyakahuma, the decision to block the party was reached as a way of creating sanity in the district because both complainants and organizers are basing on political influence.

Nyakahuma says that he has already alerted police to remain on standby to make sure that the party doesn’t happen. 

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Muhammad Byansi, acting Kabale District Police Commander confirmed that he has already received a copy of Mbabazi’s petition and he is handling the matter together with the office of the RDC.

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Our reporter was unable to get a comment from Nandiinda as he would not pick his phone. The feud around Nandiinda started last month over Emyooga money. 

Mbabazi was arrested for obtaining a loan of shillings 1.2 million from Treasurer of Kabale Municipality Journalists Emyooga Sacco yet he is not a journalist.  

Nandiinda ordered Mbabazi and other members who are not journalists to return the money. By the time of his transfer neither Mbabazi nor other members had returned the money.