Security Conditions in Northern Uganda Continue to Improve

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Northern Uganda continued to experience a calm security environment during the month of September, with no reports of Lord's Resistance Army activity within the region.
A security report by the United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs indicates that isolated criminal, most involving theft, break-ins and robberies are of concern in former war areas in northern Uganda. In Kitgum and Pader Districts, thieves have reportedly targeted solar panels, most of which have been installed to power motorized boreholes.
According to the report, increase in crime was reported in the Teso sub-region, where cattle rustling is on the rise in parts of Katakwi. Within Karamoja itself, insecurity has persisted, however at a reduced level over the previous month.
35 deaths were reported as the result of 20 incidents, including ambushes, armed raids on protected and non-protected kraals and clashes between the UPDF and illegally-armed Karimojong.
Meanwhile, the out-migration of Karimojong to neighbouring districts, specifically in Pader, is reportedly on the increase, with substantial presences of Karimojong from Kotido District reported in the border sub-counties of Paimol, Lapono and Adilang.
Usually small scale population leave Karamoja every year from December and January in search of pasture. However the UN report says the current movements were first reported in May and continued through July and August.
The primary reason cited for the increased out-migration is hunger and the lack of food, or employment to earn money to buy food.
There are concerns that the increased migration of Karamojong into Pader will put a strain on the limited resources in the district.

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