Security, Land Grabbing Dominate LC1 Campaigns In Luweero

Sam Mulwana a resident of Kasaala village in Butuntumula sub county says that several LC 1 Chairperson have got bribes and ended up endorsing evictions leaving subjects crying foul.
06 Jul 2018 16:30

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Promises of improving security and fight against land grabbing are the major issues that have dominated the launch of campaigns for LC 1 chairpersons in Luweero district.

The Electoral Commission set July 10th 2018 as the date for LC 1 Polls. After nominations, the LC 1 contestants in Luweero have embarked on door to door campaigns asking for residents to vote them.

Wilson Mukiibi the candidate for Kavule LC 1 Chairperson seat in Luweero town has asked the residents to vote him because he is a transparent and honest man. Mukiibi says that over time, dishonesty LC 1 Chairpersons have promoted land conflicts through encouraging double sell off land, a practise he will combat if elected.

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Ssaka Kisekka is seeking re-election as LC 1 Chairperson for Lumu zone in Luweero town after serving 11 years.

He says although he has he tried to reconcile and settle domestic wrangles, there is still the challenge of insecurity which he wants to tackle in the next term.

Kisekka says that once re-elected, he will ensure that landlords register tenants and hold security meetings to address security concerns.

George William Namugera is unopposed for Kakolo LC 1 chairperson seat but says he will emphasize neighbour watch in next term to fight rampant cases of insecurity in his zone. 

Fred Muwanga the LC 1 contestant of Kikubinja village says he has done enough to lead by example and hopes the residents will make a wise judgement to re-elect him.

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The residents have vowed not to elect those who have been named in land wrangles.

At least two cases of land wrangles are reported at the Office of Resident District Commissioner and Land Protection Police Unit per week in Luweero district.

Some conflicts have culminated in death. Last week Alex Nsamba a resident of Kitemi village in Bamunanika Sub County was allegedly killed by God Ssemuwaya over land row.

Sam Mulwana a resident of Kasaala village in Butuntumula Sub County says that several LC 1 Chairpersons have got bribes and ended up endorsing evictions leaving subjects crying foul.

Emmanuel Mugeere another resident of Lumu zone says that many people have become landless over actions of LC 1 Chairpersons. 

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Benson Byaruhanga the Luweero District Police Commander welcomes the idea of contestants championing the development of people in their villages.

He, however, cautioned them against night campaigns and asked them to observe electoral laws.