Security Laxity Exposes Schools in Bukomansimbi to Vandals

Yudaya Nabaliisa, the deputy headteacher St Andrew’s Kayanja says the thieves also went away with several doors and windows shutters from the classrooms, and left other properties vandalized.
Some of the schools properties that were left scattered outsides after Theives raided St Andrew Kayanja Primary Shool in Kitanda

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Security laxity is exposing schools in Bukomansimbi district to vandalism and theft.

The latest school to suffer vandalism is St Andrew’s Kayanja, which is located in Kitanda Sub County. Thieves broke into the classrooms and stole desks, textbooks, and other valuables.

Yudaya Nabaliisa, the school’s deputy headteacher says the thieves also went away with several doors and windows shutters from the classrooms, and left other properties vandalized. 

She explains that they cannot afford to hire guards to provide security to the school which has made it so susceptible to break-ins and theft.


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Cue out: ….tebikyaliko nzigi.”//

Moses Ssenfuka another teacher from Kitanda Secondary School indicates they were hiring night watchmen from the money which they collected from the students, which became unsustainable in the long covid-19 induced closure of schools.

According to Ssenfuka, the thieves are taking advantage of the night hours to raid the schools without being noticed by the public. He says they have resolved to reach out to the police to help them with personnel that can patrol the schools.

Ssenfuka says that many of these schools are currently deserted after the teachers that used to stay around also returned to their respective homes to look for survival during the lockdown.  

But Joseph Kamuli, the Kitanda Sub County Chairperson says that they are considering conducting an operation to recover the stolen properties as well as pursuing the suspects, who he says could be within the local community.  

Kamuli has, however, called up the Ministry of Education and Sports to allow the Headteacher to spend the School capitation Grant on hiring security personnel that can secure the schools and their properties from vandalism and theft.

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Patrick Zziwa, the Bukomansimbi District Education Officer says they have taken note of the problem but calls upon the headteachers in the area to improvise security measures that can keep their schools safe, as the district works out a permanent solution to the challenge. 

 He has also asked community leaders and parents to directly take charge of the schools in the area and ensure that they remain safe and habitable to learners ahead of the planned reopening.