Sheikh Ndirangwa Resigned on Hearing he was Going to be Sacked -Deputy

The Deputy Supreme Mufti Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate says that his resignation will not affect the work of the office he has been serving.
02 Apr 2021 17:03
Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate Speaking to journalists

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The leadership of Kibuli Muslim Community has confirmed the resignation of the Supreme Mufti Sheikh Silman Kasule Ndirangwa. 

Speaking to reporters after Juma prayers, Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate, the Deputy Supreme Mufti said that although they are yet to receive a formal communication, they have nevertheless leant about Ndirangwa’s resignation. He added however that his resignation will not affect the work of the office he has been serving. 


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Yesterday evening, news broke that Ndirangwa had resigned his position as Supreme Mufti which he has held for five years since 2015 folowing the death of the then Supreme Mufti Sheikh Zubairi Kayongo. 

According to reliable sources who talked to Uganda Radio Network on condition of anonymity so as to speak freely about the matter, the Executive Committee of Kibuli had passed a resolution to sack Ndirangwa as Supreme Mufti. 

“When he heard that a resolution had been passed to sack him, he moved very fast to announce that he had resigned to save face,” the source said.  

On Wednesday at the funeral prayers of Hajji Musa Katongole at Kibuli mosque, mourners were left wondering why the Supreme Mufti was never recognized or given an opportunity to speak yet he was present. Normally, he is the second last person to speak before he invites Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu who is the titular head of Muslims in Uganda. 

But during the prayers, it was Sheikh Muhammad Lunaanoba who was the last to speak before he invited Nakibinge. Among the speakers who spoke at the funeral, it was only the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga who recognized Ndirangwa. 

It’s widely believed that tension Nakibinge was miffed when a team led by Ndirangwa met president Yoweri Museveni without the Princee's knowledge.  Arising from the meeting, Museveni donated to them 11 four-wheel drive cars which they had allegedly asked for to ease their transport. The same number of cars was donated to the Old Kampala based leadership. 

After the donation of the cars, Nakibinge reportedly ordered his people not to accept the them and for more than a month, they were parked at Hotel Africana. But later these cars were distributed among the top leadership at Kibuli and they were allegedly registered in their names. 

According to our source all those who benefited from this offer are also facing the sack.

Reporters who were itching to put these widely circulated claims to Kibaate were disappointed as he didn’t entertain any questions from the media, saying there will be a comprehensive statement after the College of Eminent Sheikhs has sat to forge a way forward. 

The office of the Supreme Mufti was created in 2009 after a fallout with the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubajje over the sale of Muslim properties. 


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