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Shutdown of Operations by KCCA :: Uganda Radionetwork

Shutdown of Operations by KCCA

Press release
Below is the statement issued by KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi announcing the shutdown of the Authority\'s technical operations.
Management of KCCA has been compelled to enforce a shutdown of all technical operations of the Authority.


This decision comes against the backdrop of several months of protracted politicking that have severely hampered our ability to deliver services to the people of Kampala.


Since March 2013, we have been caught as pawns in the tensions of the political push and shove of the City; we have been embroiled in separate, lengthy and tiresome processes before various organs and therefore have hardly had time to do our work of delivering services to the City.

The above, coupled with the ensuing political controversies and violent reactions by the public on matters relating to the office of the Lord Mayor have created a hostile working environment that has put the lives of our workers in danger. To-date, KCCA sweepers on the road are molested in the course of their work; our revenue collection teams, enforcement officers, cleaners and Building Inspectors have been assaulted many times at the incitement of political protagonists. Our garbage trucks have been damaged, and with the growing levels of threats our staff have become apprehensive over their safety in the course of their work. The incidents in which our officers have been repeatedly attacked in the course of work are well-documented.


Already, since the decision of the learned Judge earlier today, there have been efforts to mobilize the public to invade City Hall supposedly to “reinstall” Elias Lukwago into office! Obviously, this poses a serious risk to the staff and properties of the Authority that I am empowered to protect and safeguard.


Unless the safety of our staff and Government property under our custody is assured, it is difficult for our operations, as the implementing arm of KCCA, to continue blindly in the face of these increasing threats.


Consequently, we are shutting down the technical operations of the Authority until further notice.

For God and Our country