Sikuda Health Center III Stuck with Faulty Solar Power System

The panels and batteries broke down three years ago leaving health workers and patients stranded.
23 Mar 2021 15:01

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Sikuda Health Centre III in Sikuda Sub County is stuck with non-functional solar systems that were installed to provide power to the facility.

The health centre was elevated to health centre III in the financial year 2018/2019. The solar system was installed in the outpatient department-OPD and maternity ward.

Panels and batteries broke down three years ago leaving health workers and patients stranded.

Winnie Nekesa, the enrolled nurse says that they halted night operations due to lack of light, while for emergency cases, they attend to patients using candles or are referred to Busia health centre IV in Busia town which is almost 14 Kilometres.

//Cue in:  “Not of our own….

Cue out:…power in Sikuda”//

Beatrice Nekesa, a resident expressed worry that there are fears that the facility might start registering maternal deaths due to failure to conduct timely C-sections because of the power crisis. She appeals to the government to intervene.

//Cue in:  “Embeera chiri mu…   

Cue out:…banange huli bubi”//

Dorcus Namusis, another resident says that they are worried about getting sick in the night because they will not be attended to due to lack of light in the OPD. She has asked the district to intervene and come to their rescue.

//Cue in:  “Nasyo anno hudwaliro…

Cue out:…nihuli mu banga”//

Rashid Sideebe, LCI Chairman Sikuda village says that most expectant mothers in the area have resorted to getting service from traditional birth attendants due to poor service delivery at the health centre.

//Cue in:  “Bulaanu hwuwma light….

Cue out:…sichihula eyo challenge”//

Geoffrey Wandera, the Busia LCV Chairperson says that residents should not be scared of darkness at the health facility. He adds that they have finalized with UMEME officials who promised to install power at the facility.

//Cue in:  “came last week…

Cue out:…not scare them”//