Some Muslims Didn’t Know How to Conduct Eid al-Adha Prayers-Sheikhs

Hajji Ramathan Mugalu, the General of Secretary of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, says that before Eid, many Muslims sought guidance from sheikhs and imams on how Eid prayers are conducted.
21 Jul 2021 10:41

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A section of Muslims didn’t know how to lead prayers on Eid-Adha. Due to the covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings, Muslims were guided to conduct the 2021 Eid al-Adha prayers from their respective homes.

Musa Mugerwa, a resident of Kyebando, says since the Eid prayers are always conducted in groups and led by clerics. However, he was not sure how to conduct them since he was charged with the responsibility to lead his family members in prayers.

“Being the elder son, mom expected that I knew the prayers and so I could lead my siblings, other family members, during Eid prayers. I couldn’t lie about it. I told them that I could lead them since I was also ignorant,” Mugerwa said.

Hajj Ramathan Mugalu, the General of Secretary of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, notes that Mugerwa is not an isolated case since many other Muslims were ignorant of the procedures. Mugalu says that before Eid, many Muslims sought guidance from sheikhs and imams on how Eid prayers are conducted.  

“It is no secret that some Muslims didn’t know how to perform these prayers. Many could call and we guide them since they are not so different from the usual Salah (prayer) though there is some difference. But, when guided a Muslim one could understand what to do,” says Hajj Mugalu.  

Sheikh Ramatham Mulindwa, the Luweero District Khadi, also confirms that although the Eid prayer is simple, he realized the extent of the challenge to days leading to Eid al-Adha.  

Sheikh Mulindwa explains that the method of prayer is different from the Juma (Friday) prayers because it consists of two rak'ahs (units of prayer) with extra 'takbeers' which is the Arabic term for the phrase Allāhu Akbar meaning God is greater. 

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He adds that after realizing the magnitude of the challenge, they spent a day before Eid trying to teach Muslims how to conduct these prayers on different media platforms. 

However, he notes that those who didn’t get a chance to listen to the recordings and shared messages are ignorant about conducting the said prayers.

Mulindwa says since Eid prayers are congregational, many people have for several years depended on Imams. He adds that the Muslim leadership is going to task clerics to conduct training for the faithful on such things that had been neglected over years.  

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