Soroti Woman Parliamentary Seat Losers Reject Polls

03 Sep 2010 15:42
Two candidates, who contested for the Soroti District Woman Parliamentary seat and another for Katakwi in the just concluded NRM primary elections, have rejected the polls results.

Rachael Adyango and Rose Adyango who contested for election as flag bearers for Soroti district Woman MP Seat and their counterpart Viola Okubal Akurut for Katakwi have petitioned the NRM electoral commission rejecting the polls results.

Adyango and Agayo were defeated by Fede Julian Iseet while Akurut lost to Jessica Epel Alupo, the state minister for Youth and Children.

The trio in their petition alleges that the elections were fraught with several electoral malpractices and fraud.

Agayo wants the Soroti NRM electoral Commission disbanded and fresh elections organized.

Agayo says she is mourning the election results that she said will cost NRM in the Teso sub region.

Iseet has tasked the petitioners to prove that she cheated.

Iseet denies that she was involved in any form of electoral malpractice.

She accuses her rivals of peddling lies and warns to reject the results incase any of her rival is declared a winner through a vote recount.

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