Ssebagala Blames Non-Performance, Political Woes on Financial Problems

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The Mayor of Kampala City, Nasser Ntege Ssebagala, has said that efforts to implement his election manifest have been frustrated by budgetary constraints.
Ssebagala, who was voted into office a year ago on a wave of popular support, is currently facing a threat of impeachment. Many members of his council are unhappy that massive reforms that he promised to introduce in are unfulfilled.
Ssebagala promised to streamline public transport through the introduction of a bus service, to clean up the city and to encourage the construction of satellite cities. He also pledged to reform the management of markets, schools and health units under Kampala City Council. However none of these plans have seen the light of day.
Despite the councilors baying for his blood, the Mayor remains defiant. He says he still intends to implement his manifesto, but has to this point been defeated by the lack of finances.
Ssebagala says that since Government scrapped ground tax and graduated tax, KCC has very limited revenue to fall back on. He says that the bus service he plans to initiate will cost about 150 million shillings, which the council cannot currently afford.
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The councilors opposed to Ssebagala's management style claim that the Mayor is using his position to award his political supporters. They say huge contracts for garbage collection and market revenue collection have been fraudulently awarded to his supporters and they want him to answer to the charges.
The councilors, led by the LC5 councilor for Makerere University, Bernard Luyigga, are working the corridors of KCC to drum up support for their impeachment motion against Ssebagala.
The Mayor scoffs at the impeachment attempts. He says his political rivals do not have sufficient support to go through with their plan.
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