St Bakhita Girls School Suspends 15 Students

St. Bakhita Girls’ secondary school has suspended 15 senior four students indefinitely for alleged indiscipline.

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St. Bakhita Girls’ secondary school has suspended 15 senior four students indefinitely for alleged indiscipline. It follows allegations that the implicated students were planning to set the school a blaze and beat up their matron. Sr. Olga Alur, head teacher St Bakhita Girls School in her letter addressed to the parents of the affected students accuses them of inciting violence, using abusive language, arrogance and general indiscipline.



Olga says that she decided to suspend the students after investigations were carried out by the school disciplinary committee. She warns the students against stepping in the compound of the school unless authorised by the school board of governors. However, the students who were unsatisfied with this suspension reported the issue to police before matching to the office of Kitgum District Education Officer.

Police advised the students to go home and await results from the consultations with the school administration. Barbra Akello, one of the suspended students denies allegations of indiscipline. Akello says trouble started during the general assembly on Friday when the matron, Rose Adoch accused senior students of using abusive language against her.



//Cue in: “it was on Friday…”

Cue out: “…to beat matron”//



She however accused the matron of arrogance and intimidating students all the time. She says that on several occasions, the matron boasted of having good relations with police and threatened to drag them to police if they attempted to beat her.



Akello who comes from Gulu is stranded in Kitgum town. She says she has tried to call her parents but the numbers are not going through. She says she maybe forced to keep around with her friends who reside in Kitgum until she communicates with her parents;



Cue in: “I stay up to Gulu…”

Cue out: “…continue staying here”



Several other girls who come from other district are facing similar problems of lack of transport. Kitgum district police commander Nasur Oringa has confirmed the suspension.



Oringa says the suspension is unfair considering that the future of these students is in jeopardy. Oringa says he has advised the head teacher to rescind her decision and allow the students to complete the remaining part of the year.


The head teacher of the school, Sr. Olga Alur refused to speak to our reporter. When URN visited the school, Sr. Alur locked her self in the office and ordered the security guard at the gate to send away the reporter.