State Brutality is a Sign of Fear -Orthodox Bishop says

Bakubanja further likened the tensions to what happened during King Herod's time when Prophets announced the coming of a new King who was to take over his throne.
OAC Bishop -Cornelius Bakubanja speaking about the current political tensions in the country

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Cornelius Kateregga Bakubanja, the Bishop of the Orthodox Anglican Church in Uganda has said that violence and brutality meted against opposition politicians and other citizens ahead of the 2021 elections, is a sign of fear by the state.

Bakubanja referred to biblical events that took place during the time of King Herod when Prophets announced the coming of a new King who was to take over his throne. As a result of the fear, King Herod initiated a murder of all the infants in Bethlehem in an attempt to get rid of the baby Jesus, whose birth threatened his position.

His comments were made as part of special events to commemorate children and people who were killed by King Herod in pursuit of Jesus. The events at St. Cornelius Cathedral at Gayaza village in Kasaali town Council –Kyotera district started on December 28 and will end on Sunday with child-related activities including singing and a feast in addition to parental guidance and counselling. 

Bakubanja says that the apprehensive King did all he could to hunt for Jesus who was a threat to his rule but he failed. According to him, no one can fight what God has planned.

//Cue in; “Herod was a King… 

Cue out…there must be fairness.”// 

The Bishop adds that every person has a right to exercise their freedoms and they must be respected as God, the author of creation respects the principle. He appeals to the political leaders to take up the responsibility of protecting their people during election time.  

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Cue out…so please take care.”//  

Bakubanja further cautioned the leaders to use the security forces responsibly without harming or killing anyone, and called for peace during the campaign, election and post-election period.   He says that the Orthodox Church in Uganda will hold prayers for the nation before and after elections to plead for divine intervention.

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Cue out…what is going on.”//  

Rev. Fr. Malitazali Mugabi, says they intend to preach to the parents and children to understand their roles and groom them into important people in the country.  

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Cue out…bebakulembeze baffe abenkya.”//