Stray Animals in Malaba Impounded

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The Authorities at Malaba Kenya Border have impounded more than 40 cows in an impromptu operation intended to rid Malaba town of stray animals.

most of the cattle were impounded from the Customs Parking yard and along Malaba-Nairobi High way.

The Ugandan cattle usually cross the border to Kenya in the mornings for grazing and only return home in Uganda in the evenings to sleep.

Harrison Kwasi, the Malaba Kenya Town Clerk, says the operation stems from a recent visit to Nairobi by President Yoweri Museveni, during which roads were found to have been diverted into kraals.

Kwasi says the site of stray animals in the roads was a big embarrassment for the authorities. he says that the owners will be fined 25,000 Ugandan shillings) for cows and s12, 500 shillings per goat.

Unclaimed animals will be auctioned at Kocholya market in Teso District Kenya today.