Stray Buffalo Disrupts Classes in Omoro School

Teachers were prompted to lock fear stricken pupils inside the classrooms for many hours to prevent the wildlife getting provoked into attacking them.
A marauding buffalo on Thursday disrupted lessons in Palenga Primary School in Omoro district for several hours.

The buffalo triggered panic after it was found near the school teachers' quarter as pupils turned up at school in the morning.

Teachers were prompted to lock the pupils inside the classrooms.

Grace Amito Aget, the headmistress of Palenga Primary school says that lessons resumed after the Buffalo had disappeared from the school compound.

Amito says they suspect the Buffalo strayed from Murchison Falls National Park in search of pasture and water. 

Early this week, residents tracked the Buffalo from Lapainat through Lujor - awinyi village in Koro sub-county, more than 30 Kilometres North East of Murchison Falls National Park.

They appealed to rangers of Uganda Wildlife Authority to intervene and drive the animal back to the park.

Last week, a Buffalo killed a resident in Nwoya district.

Buffaloes isolate themselves from the herd due to age, injuries and sicknesses.