Stray Elephants Cause Panic in Kasese Town

Kananga Baluku a resident of acholi quarter say the elephants reached their area at 7:00am but residents managed to repulse them with shouting and beating of metallic objects.
The elephants on Rwenzori Road, kasese town this morning

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Six stray elephants from Queen Elizabeth National Park on Wednesday caused panic in Kasese town and the surrounding outskirts. 

The animals allegedly left the park at around 6: 00 am and invaded areas of Railway ward, Mumbuzi, Acholi Quarter and Kasese town. The elephants caused a stampede in town as some residents also ran away from their homes.

The elephants destroyed properties including iron-sheet made fences and part of Kasese municipal HCIII wire fence.

Kananga Baluku, a resident of Acholi quarter says the elephants reached their area at 7:00am, but residents managed to scare and chase them after shouting and making noise with metallic objects. He says the animals destroyed some of the domestic gardens in the area. 

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Cue save the children.”// 

Alfred Babutirwaki, who resides on Rwenzori road says they managed to chase the animals before they could damage of their properties. 

James Muliwabyo, the Kasese Municipal health Centre III in Charge says the situation at the facility has returned to normal after some patients ran out of the facility. 

James Okware, the chief warden Rwenzori national park told Uganda Radio Network -URN on Wednesday afternoon that they managed to ably guide back the animals to the national park. Okware said UWA is working to have an electric fencing around the park.

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The incident comes just a week after UWA launched the use of pistol bombs to contain wild life attacks on residents around Railway ward.