Street Kids: We Are Sodomised at Night

Some street children in Jinja town have complained of men who reportedly use money to lure them into sodomy.

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 Some street children in Jinja town have complained of men who reportedly use money and other gifts to lure them into sodomy.

According to the children, whose names have been omitted for ethical reasons, men pick them from the verandas late in the night, take them into their cars and drive them to their homes and hotels.

One child aged 14 years, who came to the streets after running away from his home in Naigobya in Luuka district, says that they are picked from areas around night pubs in the town. They are allegedly taken with promises of jobs as house cleaners. Some of the hotels mentioned are in the outskirts of Jinja, while some are in Jinja town.


The child says he has been taken once and was paid 2,000 shillings for a night.

Cue in: “Elderly men…

Cue out:…told never to speak out to anybody.”//

He says some men use middlemen who come and collect them at night, while others come by themselves and park their cars where they are sleeping on the streets.

Two children have been admitted at Mpumudde Rehabilitation Centre in Mpumudde division in Jinja Municipality. They cannot walk properly and have complications easing themselves.

When a URN reporter interviewed the children, who are both aged 17, they are promised money and food. One of the children hails from Mbale district while another one says he came from Kenya.

Susan Kedi, a care taker at the rehabilitation centre, says the two children told her the story of what they went through before they were brought for treatment and rehabilitation. She claims the majority of street children in Jinja now practice homosexuality for survival.

//Cue in: “Most of these children…

Cue out:…there is a way they speak.”//


But Vincent Okurut, Jinja police criminal investigations officer, says he has not heard of any report of sodomy among street children and other people who lure them into the practice. He calls for those involved to be exposed so that the perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted.