Striking KIU Students Wounded in Brawl with Builders

Several students of Kampala International University western campus in Ishaka were injured yesterday in a scuffle with a group of builders.

The students attempted to riot outside their university's teaching hospital in a continued protest against the hiking of tuition and registration fees. The strike has been going on for one and a half weeks.

During yesterday's demonstration, some of the students attacked builders working on the university's library and students hostel. Many of them were seriously wounded by the builders who responded in kind.

After the fight, a few students were overheard accusing the Kampala International University proprietor, Hassan Basajabalaba, of hiring the builders to assault them.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Yusuf Sadiq, says the reverse is true. He says the builders were going about their business as normal when they were surprised by the students' attack.

Sadiq says the university is not responsible for any injuries suffered.

Joab Wabwire, the Bushenyi District Police Commander, says if assault cases are reported to him, the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

Almost all the scheduled activity at the university has been suspended since the start of the strike. Examinations for medical students, expected to start yesterday, were suspended and all lecturers are off.

The students say they won't go back to class until the new fees policy is revoked. They also want 14 of their leaders, who were suspended for organizing the strike, to be allowed to return immediately. In the event that this doesn't happen, they are determined to seek legal redress over the matter.


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