Suspected Thief Beheaded; Delayed Justice Blamed for Mob Action

The beheaded body of a male person was left lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the road with a sack of chicken tied to its arms.
30 Aug 2021 13:15
Police In Gweri While Recovering The Body of the Suspected Thief.

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Authorities in the north division of Fort Portal city are blaming courts and police for the routine release of suspected criminals without processing their cases, saying this is the main cause of the increase in crime in the division and the city at large.

Their statements of blame follow the bizarre action of a mob that beheaded a man suspected of stealing chicken in Gweri zone of Karambi ward in Fort Portal North. On Sunday police was called to pick the body of the decapitated suspect to have stolen chicken in Gweri zone.

It is alleged that the yet to be identified person was caught at around 4 am in the morning with suspected stolen chicken before he was beheaded by a mob that dumped his body dumped in the middle Kagusu road in Kagusu village of Gweri ward.

Residents near the scene of crime told URN that they heard noise accompanied by loud cries but they feared to intervene with the angry mob and they only approached after the killers had left, and found the body lying in the middle of the road with a sack of chicken tied around his arms.

They said the suspect could have stolen from the neighbouring villages and not from the same area where he was decapitated

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Robert Monday the Karambi ward, north division councillor condemned the mob justice actions in the ward by residents as he urged locals to always hand suspects to the authorities. He admits the locals seem to have lost trust in the police for the continued release of suspects from safe custody.

Monday says the removal of Kyegobe police post in the area, which was key in conducting operations with the local leaders, could be the reason for the increased theft of both food and animals

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Joseph Mahuhuuko, the Fort portal North division mayor also says court and police are to blame for the increased crime in the area.

Mahuhuuko says as a leader he condemns mob action for it fails investigations of serious criminal cases, however, he blames police and court for the release without trial of suspected criminals who have always terrorized the locals without punishment.

Mashuhuko says the court should always try criminals to serve justice in cases where there is evidence, which he believes can reduce the cases of mob justice and also restore confidence in court and security forces.

The body was later conveyed by police to Fort portal regional referral hospital for postmortem. Police on the ground declined to speak to us on account that they were not in position to communicate on behalf of the forces.

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