Suspected Kidnapper Shot Dead in Fort Portal

Mugume was shot dead on Friday by security personnel in Karamaga cell in Central Division, Fort Portal City.
Some residents of Fort Portal city who didn't know Mugume bought photos of his lifeless body from a photographer who was selling them at Fort Portal regional referral hospital mortuary.

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Amos Mugume, who has been on the police’s wanted list in Fort Portal City, has been shot dead.   Mugume was killed on Friday by security personnel in Karamaga cell in Central Division, Fort Portal City.

The Rwenzori West Regional Police Spokesperson, Vincent Twesige says that residents in the area did not know that Mugume had a panga and they attempted to arrest him.

According to Twesige, Mugume pulled out a panga and cut the arm of one of the residents Patrick Kyomuhendo aged 52 years.

Twesige says that as all this happened, information had already reached the Central Police Station – CPS at Boma Fort Portal that Mugume had been sighted.     

The Kabarole District Police Commander, John Oese led a joint force of police and the army who went and surrounded the Karamaga swamp.

According to Twesige, on combing the swamp, they sighted Mugume and ordered him to put down his panga but he refused, and instead attempted to cut a military officer who was getting closer to him.     

“Appearing very determined to harm those pursuing him, he was shot and died instantly,” reads part of Twesige’s statement.      

Last month, Mugume attempted to rape a student of Kyebambe Girls’ Senior Secondary School in Fort Portal. The incident happened at around 10 pm when the S.5 student had gone to the toilet.

In 2018, police arrested Mugume and six others for allegedly kidnapping Emmanuelle Lisha Ahumuza, a one and half-year-old girl from her parents’ home in Maguru, Central Division Fort Portal Tourism City.  Ahumuza was reunited with her family after the parents reportedly paid a ransom of 2.5 Million Shillings.

However, in October last year, Mugume escaped from Katojo prison in Fort Portal where he was on remand.

The Prison Spokesperson, Frank Baine, said that Mugume had taken advantage of a heavy downpour that day to escape.

Lauda Kigongo, a resident of the Central Division says Mugume is suspected to have been behind many robberies, murder and rape cases and was giving them sleepless nights. 

//Cue in: “Omusaija onu abaire…

Cue out… onu Amos.”//  

According to Twesige, Mugume has been on their wanted list for many other crimes including escape from lawful custody, trespass in schools to kidnap students, attempted murder of some of his victims and doing grievous harm to some of his victims.