Suspected Lion Invasion In Masindi, 50 Heads Of Cattle Killed

Suspected lions have invaded Kimengo Sub County in Masindi, killing more than 50 heads of cattle.

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Suspected lions have invaded Kimengo Sub County in Masindi, killing more than 50 heads of cattle.


Masindi Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Major David Matovu says he received a report early this week that suspected lions had invaded the sub county and started killing several cows.


According to Matovu, Zziwa Ranchers in Kimengo village is the worst affected by the wild animal invasion losing several animals. The RDC says the suspected lion invasion is raising a security concern. He explains that a team of seven Uganda Wildlife Authority-UWA officials has been deployed in the area to track down the suspected lions.


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In a telephone interview with Uganda Radio Network, Iqbal Mohamed, the General Manager Ziwa Ranch, explained that they started losing animals as early as April 17 this year.


He says their suspicion that the lions could be the ones feasting on the Ranch cows was strengthened recently when they saw paw prints similar to those of lions. He says the animals normally attack at night and they only to find remains of the cows some meters away.


Iqbal explains that since April the ranch has lost 50 heads of cattle to the wild animals. He says this has forced them to seek intervention of the district security committee.


A month ago, Matia Bulema, a resident of Karangwe village in Kimengo Sub County, also claimed that unknown wild animals had attacked his kraal at night and killed his heifer.


However, Dr Erick Enyek, who is part of the UWA team in Kimengo, rules a lion invasion in the area. He says though the team has been at Ziwa ranch for three days, they have not detected any presence of a lion.


Dr. Enyek says the footmarks seen indicate presence of a leopard which they are tracking.  He, however, says they had found remains of a calf feasted on by the wild animal yet leopards do not eat calves.