Suspended MPs Demand Apology from Rebecca Kadaga

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Members of Parliament, who were suspended from the House last week, say they do not regret taking a stand against Deputy Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

Kadaga suspended Michael Ocula, Geoffrey Ekanya, Odonga Otto, Christine Baku and Beatrice Anywar for heckling her decision to postpone the tabling of a report on the 2007 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. She accused them of grabbing microphones, breaking the doors to parliament, repeatedly insulting her and disrupting proceedings of Parliament.

The MPs were suspended for three consecutive sittings of the House.

Now that the suspension is over, the MPs remain defiant.

Beatrice Anywar, the Kitgum Woman MP, says Rebecca Kadaga owes the constituencies of all suspended parliamentarians an apology. She accuses Kadaga of acting irrationally and says that unless the Deputy Speaker apologizes the mistrust between the opposition and her office will remain.

//Cue in: "The mistrust ..."

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Like Anywar, Michael Ocula the MP of Kilak, is unapologetic. He says the suspension has inspired him to contest for the Speaker's seat if he is re-elected in next year's polls.

Geoffrey Ekanya, the Tororo County MP, says he doesn't regret his actions. He says that by sticking out his neck, he has been able to achieve much for his constituency, most recently, the improvement of the voter registration process.

Deputy Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has no intentions of apologizing to the MPs. In an interview with The Daily Monitor she said the MPs must apologize to her and to everyone else in the House whom they disrespected through their actions.