Teachers Ask Gov't to Rein in Money Lenders

John Baptist Kigoye, the Chairperson of Kyotera Head-teachers Association also Headtaecher of Nninzi Primary school in Kalisizo Sub County says, many teachers have lost their properties.
Microfinace State Minister Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo, addressing Teachers during their National Celebrations in Kyotera district on Friday.

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Teachers in Kyotera district want the government to reign in money lenders over exorbitant loans.

The teachers note that many of their colleagues have fallen prey to exorbitant money lenders operating in the area.

John Baptist Kigoye, the Chairperson of Kyotera Head-teachers Association also Headteacher Nninzi Primary School in Kalisizo Sub County says that many teachers have lost their properties to dishonest money lenders. He explains that the money lenders manipulate teachers through quick loans whose interest rates are inflated as soon as the client obtains the money.

He explains that the money lenders lure the teachers with quick and emergency credit services, whose terms are often concealed from the clients.

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Alex Ssemwogerere, the Uganda National Teachers Union-UNATU chairperson Kyotera District says that some money lending institutions have also deliberately maintained deduction codes on the bank accounts even after the teachers clearing their loan obligations.

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Ssemwogere wants the government to support teachers efforts of establishing own Savings and Credit Cooperative unions at district levels which will culminate into a teachers' bank.

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Mathias Kigoye, the Kyotera District Education Officer has asked the teachers' leaders to compile a list of teachers that have been cheated by the money lenders and action taken. 

But the Microfinance State Minister and Kyotera County Member of Parliament Kyotera Haruna Kasolo has pledged to follow up on the teachers concerns and have them addressed.

Kasolo, however, says that the district authorities should identify a commercial bank that they can negotiate favourable conditions for teachers' salary advances.

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