Teenage Vendor Hit by Police Bullet in Kamwokya Seeks Treatment

According to Susan’s mother Ajolina Gaturude her daughter was injured by a rubber bullet by police officers when they fired rounds of bullets and tear gas even in the market where innocent people including her daughter where carrying on their normal activities
Ntindinyeenka Suzan Winnie victim

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A teenage vendor in Kamwokya Market Zone is nursing a broken leg which she sustained when she was hit by suspected rubber bullet.  

On Thursday there were running battles between Police and People Power activists in Kamwokya - Kampala, when they were protesting the continued provocation by music promoter, Charles Orema alias Sipapa to them.       

Police swung in action to disperse the activists when they blocked Old Kira road right from the house belonging to Fred Ssentamu Nyanzi alias Chairman Nyanzi and the offices of the National Unit Platform-NUP party, by using burning old vehicle tyres. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets in air.        

In the process Ntindinyeenka Suzan Winnie, a 19-year-old  vendor in Kamwokya market zone was one of the victims when she was hit by a suspected rubber bullet in the market while carrying out her dairy activity  of selling foodstuffs .          

  According to Susan’s mother Ajolina Gaturude, her daughter was injured by a rubber bullet fired by police officers when  they opened fire in the market where innocent people including her daughter where  carrying on their usual activities.    

Susan was carrying her young sister and  attending to some customers outside the market when police  started  firing bullets in the market and chasing people who were entering  the market. "I heard  Suzan crying out loud for help," Gaturude tearfuly told URN           

She further says that they rushed Suzan to a nearby clinic but they were advised to go to Naguru Hospital for an Ex-ray check-up , where the results indicated that Suzan sustained a broken bone in the left leg, However, they refused being admitted due to high medical bills she cannot meet .    

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 Galiwango Geoffrey, the Kamwokya market zone market chairman who was among volunteers who carried Susan to the hospital, says that  right now Suzan’s condition needs assistance by government to get proper medical tension.            

“This little girl should be treated by government, specifically police," he said. "Can you imagine police firing teargas canisters and  bullets in the market where there were no protesters!"

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Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that he was yet to receive information regarding Suzan’s injury but advised them to file the case with police so that for investigations can be done to ascertain wither she was not part of the demonstrators.             

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