Tension High In Busoga Ahead of Tomorrow\'s NRM By -election

Confusion and tension are mounting in Busoga sub region as National Resistance Movement primary NRM by-elections draw close
13 Nov 2015 12:42

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Confusion and tension is high in Busoga sub region as the National Resistance Movement party Electoral Commission makes final preparations for by-elections tomorrow.

Six out of 10 districts of Busoga sub-region including; Iganga, Namutumba, Buyende, Kamuli, Kaliro and Luuka,  will hold elections this weekend.

The NRM Electoral Commission on Monday this week, ordered for by –election for the post of municipality, district and parliamentary flag bearers in the six districts citing gross electoral malpractices.

Candidates participating in the by – election are busy canvassing for votes, applying a mix of door to door, group, public address and public rallies.

However, some candidates say they were not aware of the new date set for by-election.

Siraji Katono, incumbent Iganga municipality mayor and NRM flag bearer for the same post, says he has not received official communication from the NRM electoral commission.

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But Milton Muwuma, who lost to Asuman Kyafu, in the Kigulu south parliamentary flag bearer election, says he is ready and confirmation has been availed to him for the by election this Saturday.

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John Kijaaji, the NRM deputy EC chairman says officials from the party headquarters in Kampala, will supervise the by-elections following complains by voters and candidates against district election supervisors and police.  

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