The Drama of Couples During MPs Swearing-in Ceremony

The swearing-in ceremony of the 529 Members of Parliament was not only colorful and electrifying but also dramatic.
Rubabo County MP Naboth Namanya and two wives

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The swearing in ceremony of the 529 Members of Parliament which climaxed yesterday was not only colorful and electrifying but also dramatic.

For the four days since May 17th, some MPs pronounced their names with energy, while others employed new accents when reading the oath.

Some MPs were made to repeat the oath-taking for adding fancy names such as Commander, Ssalongowhich means a father to twins, Mbwatekamwa meaning you can’t milk a dog and Majegere to imply a strong chain.

For others it was the dress code. Newly elected MP for Gogonyo County Derrick Orone and his wife Shifra Orone dressed like members of the Cabin Crew on the swearing on Thursday.

There came Arua’s extraordinary Godfrey Atiku is commonly known as Papa Wemba who escorted Ayivu East MP Geoffrey Feta dressed in a trouser close to his chest with two belts walking majestically and dancing to sounds from Crane performers who entertained the guests at Parliament.

Several couples coming to attend the swearing-in ceremony were dressed in matching clothes, while some female MPs dressed in clothes similar to wedding gowns.

The oath taking of Very Important Person (VIP) like Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, renown Ministers and some MPs in the precious of Parliament on several occasions left the new MPs and their families and friends paying attention and in some cases excitement.

However, the four-day session was also full of drama, especially of couples.

On Tuesday, two women co-wives to newly elected Soroti City East Member of Parliament elect Moses Atan Okia struggled to stand on the right-hand side of the man.

As Parliament issued guidelines for members of Parliament coming to swear in amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, members were told to come with only three people. However, the Tuesday incidence left left many wondering.

As Okia was led by the protocol team to the swearing-in podium, two of his wives followed him with one walking at the front while another followed closely. However at the podium as Okia held up a bible to take the oath, one of the women who stood at the back caused a scene when she forced her way to the middle of the two people.

Okia was heard telling one of the wives to remain where she was but she forced her way standing right in the middle of him and of the second lady. While Okia asked her to remain there, the woman was heard saying excuse me, “this is my husband”.

On walking back, Okia was seen talking to the lady who had forced her to come to the middle, while the other lady continued walking silently.

//Cue in: “Excuse me, stand…

Cue out:…help me God.”//    

An interesting group of couples included Sarah Achieng Opendi, the Tororo District Woman MP and husband Godfrey Atkins Katusabe the MP Bukonjo West MP who were both sworn in on different days and did not stand by each other on the day of taking oath.

Both Katusabe and Opendi attended the Swearing-in ceremony with friends leaving the spouse behind.  

For another Bukedea Woman MP Anita Among, she was escorted for the swearing in by Budiope East MP and President of the Federation of Uganda Football Association, Moses Hassim Magogo. But on the day Magogo was taking the oath, Anita Among was not available.    

Newly wed Couple Omoro Woman MP Catherine Lamwaka and Reserve Force Chief Gen Otema also appeared elegant and attended the oath-taking together.

However when it came to interacting with the media as all MPs did. Gen Otema however guided Lamwaka against accepting interviews and yet she was being convinced by journalists to give them an interview.  

However Some of the couples came with more than one wife, and it was all merry.

Naboth Namanya, the MP Rubabo came with two wives who stood alongside him during oath-taking.  

The two women moved each on the side of the MP during the whole exercise. The wives were busy talking to them selves when Namanya was talking to friends and fellow MPs. 

Fox Odoi, the West Budama North MP also came in accompanied by his two wives who walked beside him and supported him as he took the oath.

Couple MPsThe Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Betty Amongi and Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) President Jimmy Akena walked in together at the two occasions when both of them were sworn in.   

New workers MP Abdu Byakatonda and the wife, Namuyangu Jenipher, the district Woman MP Pallisa were both sworn in at the presence of each other on two separate days.    

The swearing-in ceremony ended with 529 MPs successfully taking the oath. Several groups including the security, Parliament clerks, service providers among others were seen taking pictures at the end of the function.      

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