Poor PLE Results Dampen Kagoya's Dream to Become Teacher

While some parents, candidates and schools were rejoicing on Friday after the release of the results of the 2017 Primary Leaving Examinations,16 year old Amina Kagoya who wants to become a teacher one day might have to repeat Primary Seven next year because she did not get a second grade.

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Amina Kagoya spent her afternoon shading tears and curled in bed shortly after the release of the 2017 Primary Leaving Examination results. The 16-year-old Kagoya sat her Primary Leaving Examinations Islamic University Primary School in Northern Division in Mbale municipality. She scored 33 aggregates (Social Studies 7, English 8, Mathematics 9 and Science 9).

Her favorite subject at school was Social Studies. According to Kagoya, her parents transferred her to IUIU Primary school from Namboozo Primary School hoping she could get better grades.


//Cue in; "Navayo kale…

Cue out…standard kweli."//

In her vacation, Kagoya took up a job as a house help in Kampala to raise money for her secondary school education. Despite scoring poor grades, Kagoya doesn't hope to repeat, saying her desire is to join senior one.

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Cue out…senior one."//



According to Kagoya, her childhood desire has been to become a teacher. "I have always wanted to become a teacher. I have never wanted to be anything else but a teacher but now, I might not to be able to do so because my father said that I have to repeat,” she said.


According to Kagoya, she may have to wait another year before she can start secondary school and start working towards becoming a teacher one day.


//Cue in; "Nye nze…

Cue out…atte P.7."//

Kagoya, the first born of six children says that her father says that she needs to get better grades if she want to go to secondary school. "He is saying that I have to go to secondary school with better grades but I do not want to repeat. I have promised him to perform better when I go to secondary school but he has refused,” she said.


Kagoya put Mbale High School as her first choice followed by University Link, Mbale Secondary School and Nkoma S.S. Kagoya says that she was confident that she would pass and go to the school of her first choice. She has been an average pupil scoring between 15 and 20 points.

According to UNEB, the best possible result that a candidate can attain at PLE is four which means the candidate scores a distinction in all the four examinable subjects. Candidates that score between 4 and 12 are graded as having passed the examinations with a first grade. Candidates that get 13-24 points pass in the second grade, 24-29 in the third grade and 30-34 pass in the fourth.

To be in division one, a candidate needs to pass all four subjects with distinctions or credits and the total aggregate should not be more than 12. For division two, a candidate's must not exceed 24 and must pass all the subjects with either a pass 7 or 8.

For division three, there are no minimum aggregates that a candidate needs to attain. A candidate in division three scores mainly passes or passes. Just like division three, candidates in division four need to have a pass seven in at least two subjects or 8 in three subjects. All candidates who obtain divisional one to four are considered to have passed and can join secondary school. Those who are not in any of the divisions are considered to have failed.

Edward Kanoonya, the head teacher Kololo Senior School, says that Kagoya can join any school according to the Universal Secondary Education Policy. "Some private or traditional schools might not take her with those points but she can be admitted to any USE school since her score is regarded as a pass."

According to UNEB, a total of 57,354 candidates failed last year's examination. 91,504 were in the 4th grade, 128,573 in the third, 293,977 in the second and 57,198 in the first grade.




Mbale was among the 10 ten districts that register high failure rates with18.7 percent. Other districts were Kween 29.1 percent, Bukwo 25.5 percent, Tororo 19.1 percent, Kayunga 18.7 percent, Mayuge 18.5 percent, Kamuli 17.2 percent, Buvuma 17.1 percent, Budaka 17.0 percent and Bududa with 17.0 percent.