Three Election Petitions Registered at Lira High Court.

The parliamentary election petitions had to be filed in the High Court within 30 days after the Electoral Commission gazetted election results.
Three losers of the January 14, parliamentary  Elections from different Constituencies in Lango sub region have filed  petitions in Court, challenging the outcome of the polls.

The petitions had to be filed in the High Court within 30 days after the Electoral Commission gazetted results.

The first case is Election Petition was filed by Bony Aliro, the NRM Youth Chairperson for Aromo Sub County against the declaration of Linda Agnes Auma as Woman MP for Lira district.

In the Petition, Aliro wants Court to annul the election of Linda Auma and declare Florence Ongina Adupa, the runner up as the Woman MP elect. He argues that Auma was erroneously nominated by the Electoral Commission Because she had not resigned as the Resident District Commissioner of Amuru.

Aliro is also complaining that Auma did not have valid academic papers, a requirement needed for one to contest for Member of Parliament.

In the second petition, former Minister of State for Housing Sam Engola wants the Court to put aside the election of Jonathan Odur as the Erute South MP. Engola said there were a lot of irregularities and illegalities in the election.

Engola, argues that Odur, with the knowledge of the Electoral Commission used money to bribe voters on polling day. He now wants the Court to declare that the idea of a virtual campaign was inappropriate and order fresh Elections in Erute South.

The third petition was filed by James Onguu Tar who wants the Court to declare him as the rightly elected MP for Kwania North County against Bob Okae, a UPC flag bearer who was first declared winner.

According to the Petition, Onguu complained that there was noncompliance by the Electoral Commission to guidelines that are outline in the electoral laws. 

However, Bob Okae who denied having received a copy of the petition warned the petitioner saying he should be ready to face the consequences of his actions.

“I have not yet received that letter but I think going to court is not a problem because it is where the truth comes out," Okae explained. "Besides Onguu is not a new person, during the last election he did the same thing; petitioning the court about election results which he even lost.” 

He added:  “If the ruling from this petition favor’s him then we shall go by it but if he happens to lose then he should be ready to pay everything. As for the issues of rigging elections, I did not participate in that, my win was declared in broad day light.”

On the other hand, Linda Agnes Auma confirmed having received the petition saying her lawyer Alex Bassasa of Bassasa and Company Advocates is ready to face the court. Court is yet to set dates for hearing for the election petition.