Three Nebbi Officials Arrested for Theft of NAADS Money

Three officials of Nebbi town council have been arrested over the theft of National Agricultural Advisory Services Program funds.

The suspects are Janet Apaco, Nebbi Town Council Community Development Officer, Grace Alum, NAADS coordinator and the accountant Jimmy Patho Jimmy.

The suspects were picked up on Monday this week and charged with forgery, embezzlement and theft of public funds.

The trio ran into trouble after failing to account for shillings 6 million shillings.

The money was meant for the purchase the purchase of goats, cows and apiary project in the 2008/2009 financial year.

Henry Mulindwa, the Nebbi District Criminal Investigations Officer says that investigations into the crime are still ongoing.

He says that they are still following up several district officials involved in the theft of NAADS money.

Pascal Wapokra, Nebbi District LC V chair has backed the arrested over the suspects.

Wapokra says that if the suspects are proved guilty they should be prosecuted to serve as an example to other government officials who plan to abuse public funds.

He says that politicians also accused of meddling with the implementation of government programs and corruption should also been investigated.

On April 15, while addressing a rally in Nebbi, President Yoweri Museveni blasted the District NAADS coordinator for mismanaging the program.

Museveni was angered that several people in the district had been left out of the program.

During his inspection tours in the district, farmers complained to the president that the NAADS program has failed in Nebbi as a result of corruption and poor management.

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