Three Schools in Rwizi region Closed Over Violent Strikes

Eden international school suspended several students earlier on Tuesday following a strike.

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Two more schools have been closed in Rwizi region following violent strikes by students. Muntoyera high schools in Ntungamo and Global high school in Mbarara town were closed on Friday following violent strikes by students on Thursday.  The closure of both schools brings to three, the number of schools closed as a result of violent strike in Western region this week. Eden international school suspended several students earlier on Tuesday following a strike. At Muntoyera high schools his school students rampaged in Thursday because of disagreements between students, their leaders and the school administration over the quality of meals and appalling sanitation.

They vandalized school property before was police was called in to clam down the situation. Francis Kabeera, the Ntungamo District Police Commander says his men will keep a close eye on the school despite the fact that students have been sent home. Some of the students who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity accused the administrations of failing to empty the pit latrines at the school, which have filled up to capacity. The students say the problem dragged on for four days after Jessica Alupo, the minister of education and sports visited the school forcing students to boycott meals on Thursday.

Yorokamu Kamaringo, the head teacher Muntoyera high schools declined to comment saying he was still locked up in a meeting following the suspension of all the 1500 students. In Mbarara the students of Eden international and Global high also rampaged on Thursday night and went on until Friday morning. At Eden International School, the situation worsened on Thursday night after students who were protesting the suspension of their colleagues since Tuesday became violent. The students, mostly senior candidates were suspended for allegedly attacking and injuring critically a security guard. As a result, the school administration suspended some students believed to have masterminded the attack on the security guard.


However, this didn’t go down with students who reacted by staging a violent strike on Thursday night. It took the intervention of anti riot police that used tear gas and live bullets to disperse the students who attempted to burn down school property. Manusuri Damulira, a member of the board told URN on Friday that they had resolved to close the school until the students get back to their senses. At Global high school in Mbarara town the students also went on strike after ten students were netted for escaping from school to go to a night club.


The other students decided to strike to show solidarity with their colleagues who were in trouble over the disco. Police spent the entire night in running battles with the students who attempted to set the school ablaze. Greens Kansiime the principal education officer Mbarara municipality says they could not take chances and ordered the schools closed until the situation normalizes.

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Green says that soon the education directorate will compel Parents and school administrations to device means of addressing student’s grievances amicably instead of resorting to disciplinary, which results in strikes.