Tonya Health Center III Staff on the Spot Over Harassment

Patients and locals seeking health services at the facility are faulting the hospital staff of harassment, late coming and gross absenteeism from duty. They want immediate disciplinary action taken against the errant staff.

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Health workers at Tonya Health Center III, Buseruka Sub County in Hoima district have been accused of alleged harassment, late coming and absenteeism.

Patients seeking services at the facility want immediate disciplinary action taken against the staff. When URN reporter visited the facility on Wednesday at 10 am, there was one staff.

Vincent Ntambi a resident says health workers report for duty as late as 11am and leave as early as 3pm without attending to all patients. He also says that some staff are too harsh and use abusive language while attending to patients. 

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 Cue out…ogunjwa kwa upesi.”//. 
Canary Balyesiima, a resident of Tonya says most patients are forced to leave the facility in protest due to absenteeism of health workers. He wants the conduct of the health workers investigated. 

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 Cue out:…baroho tiba kumara.”//.   

 Michael Tinka, another resident says there should be close supervision and monitoring of staff at the health facility to ensure patients get prompt and effective service delivery.

   //cue in:”Kira muno ekitu… 

 Cue out:…Tibakukolera ha bwire.”//. 

Harriet Kabasindi, the Tonya parish woman councillor says she has several times received reports about the mistreatment of patients by the staff.

 //cue in:”Bwire buno aba… 

 Cue out:…niba gi mara.”//.

Seraji Bedijo, the secretary for Health Buseruka sub county local government demands for immediate government intervention to address the situation saying it is out of hand.

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 Cue out:…Tuti kwenda kolerayo.”//.  

Henry Katalibahwa, the Chairperson Tonya Health Unit Management Committee admits the rate of absenteeism among staff is high which has affected effective service delivery.

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 Cue out:…a major challenge.”//.

Marvin Kutegeka, the Assistant in charge of the health centre, refuted allegations of harassment and absenteeism. He says currently the facility is understaffed and the workload is overwhelming.

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 Cue out:…a relief atleast.”//.  

The health facility receives more than 1,000 patients on a monthly basis. It serves a population of about 10,000 settlers on Lake Albert shores. The facility only has six out of the required 19 staff.

According to the Health ministry structure, the facility is expected to have four enrolled nurses but none is available. Only one of the four required midwives is available at the facility. The position of clinical officer is also vacant.