Too Many Workshops Causing Absenteeism

The chairman LC 5 of Luweero district Abdul Nadduli initially workshops were important for capacity building and sharing ideas but today they are more less for get together parties and conduit for embezzling government funds.

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Residents and district leaders are demanding for regulation of workshops organized by government bodies and non government organizations because they are distract civil servants and affect service delivery.


A recent impromptu visit conducted by State House Medicines and Health Service Delivery Monitoring Unit detectives found out that only 4 out of 27 officers in charge of the health centres’ present at their stations in Luweero district. The absentee workers claimed they were attending workshops organized by non government organizations.


Many of the absentee civil servants in Luweero have been in workshops on climate change, distribution of mosquito nets, HIV Prevention among others at Luweero district headquarters.


The chairman LC 3 of Kamira sub county Livingstone Kategeya claims many health centre in-charge spend weeks away from their stations. Patients are left without adequate care and key operations like surgery put on hold. Head teachers too are among the culprits absenting themselves from work.


Initially in support of workshops as necessary for capacity building, Luweero LC 5 Chairman Abdul Nadduli says they are now used as excuses for holding parties and embezzling funds.


The Chairman LC 5 of Nakaseke Ignatius Koomu concurs with Nadduli and says workshops are organized to enrich government or NGO officials but not capacity building. He cited a workshop organized recently in Gulu by Ministry of Education for Chief Administrative Officers and what they were discussing was implementing a policy where pupils can pay for lunch but this has been a matter of debate in many seminars and not sorted out.


Koomu says that the ministry of Education spent millions transport CAOs across the country to Gulu but again failed to agree on matter and said they were waiting for President Yoweri Museveni to back the resolutions. Koomu wonders why the CAO spent all those days on an issue they knew they could not resolve. He asked government and NGOs to divert funds meant for workshops to projects because much has been said and there is need for implementation.


The Nakasongola LC 5 Chairman James Wandira also noted that workshops had crippled development in area and was planning to summon all NGO bosses in the district to streamline the way they organize them.Wandira explains that NGOs call health workers especially in charges and they leave units in staff crisis something that may lead to cases of death of patients.


Sunday Richard Mubiru a resident says that workshops are no longer important and government should abolish because what workers learn is not reflected practically. Mubiru says they study too much but they are not facilitated to implement what they learn.He asked resources to be diverted to service project in communities.


A Deputy  Chief Administrative Officer who declined to be named told URN Reporter that  they also complained to local government over unregulated workshops in vain.He said sometimes stations are empty and projects stalls as workers move from one workshop to another and in certain they go with deputies.


But the Luweero Deputy Resident Commissioner  Pacis Namuganza insisted that workshops are still relevant in planning and implementations.


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