Tororo Construction Company in Trouble over Grader

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Tororo District Administration is demanding for 8 million shillings from Atiba Construction Company, over the company's failure to return the district grader.
The district grader was attached by court bailiffs after the district failed to pay contract fees to Osuna Otwani, the owner of Atiba Construction Company.
Osuna claimed that the district owed him 150 million shillings for the construction of Mella- Kalait road in Tororo County.
According to the contract, the cost of construction was 222 million shillings, but Osuna claims that he injected more of his personal money to construct the Nyamatunga Bridge on the same road.
Felix Esoku, the Chief Administrative Officer, however says that the district owed Osuna 24 million shillings.
He however says that the District was with holding Osuna's payment pending the completion of the road construction. But instead Osuna, dragged the district to Mbale High court demanding for his payment.
The district grader was attached and has since then been packed at the Mbale High Court Premises.
Last week, Tororo District last won a court case against Osuna at Mbale High Court and the District was asked to pay Otwani 24 million shillings which was done immediately on Friday last week but till now, Osuna has failed to return the grader.
The CAO says the District is computing one million shillings for every day that Otwani fails to return the grader.