Tribalism Cited in West Buganda Diocese Synod

West Buganda Diocese synod elects 15 members to the Electoral College, but it faces allegations of tribalism.
Canon Samuel Mwesigwa, diocesan Secretary West Buganda diocese (R) is seen as one of the likely candidates for the bishops seat.

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Allegations of tribalism have emerged and divided the West Buganda diocese, as synod elects new members to the Electoral College. Last week, the diocese synod sat and chose 15 members to the Electoral College, who will suggest two names for bishop to the House of Bishops.

However, a section of the members of the synod allege that there was tribalism in the process of electing the Electoral College.


Rev. Canon Eliabu Nkambo Mugerwa of Rakai archdeaconry, who is also a member of the synod, confirms the allegations. He however says these divisions should be put aside so that the diocese can get a bishop.


/// Cue in: “The Banyankole group…

Cue out: …a lot to desire.”///

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Rev. Canon Enock Muwanguzi, the Chairperson House of Clergy has denied pushing for a particular person to be elected new bishop. He also says the election of members to the College was democratic, and no particular tribe was favoured.

The Electoral College is made up of nine laity members and seven members of the clergy.


Some of those elected on the Electoral College are Rev. Canon Enock Muwanguzi, the chairperson of House of Clergy, Dr. Charles Kahigiriza, Kalen Mugarura, Rev. Elly Tumwesigye, Rev. Cranima Ssempebwa, among others.

West Buganda is in the process of electing a new bishop to replace late bishop Godfrey Makumbi who died this year.