Triple Murder Prompts Investigation into Kabale Police

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Residents of Bukinda Sub-County in Kabale are puzzled by what could have caused a spate of violence over the weekend in which three people were killed.

Charles Sembabulidde, the Kabale District Police Commander, says the violence begun on Tuesday last week when a man armed with an axe attacked mourners at a burial in Kakorwa Parish and killed the area LC1 chairman, Benon Kakwangire.

In revenge for Kakwangire's murder, the crowd hunted down and killed his brother. They accused the man, only identified as Katema, of paying for his brother's death.

Skirmishes continued in Bukinda until Saturday morning when a third man, Kapisi Akwankwasa was found dead, his body hanging on a tree. Sembabulidde says the police believe he was murdered and a suicide scene was staged to divert the police.

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It is alleged that the murders were politically motivated. All three men were active campaign officials in the NRM elections and had open disagreements with each other. However this motive cannot be independently verified.

Cox Nyakairu, the Kabale Resident District Commissioner, says the violence could have been averted. He accuses the officer in charge of Bukinda Police Post, Charles Ongom, of not responding to the first murder on time.

Nyakairu claims that Ongom intentionally refused to go to the scene of the murder and only sent his officers there six hours later. He says this is gross negligence, particularly in light of the fact that the crime took place one kilometer away from Bukinda Police Post.

Nyakairu wants Charles Ongom and other officers at Bukinda Police Post investigated by the police authority. He says this is just the latest complaint about Ongom's performance and that in the past he has been accused of bribery, extortion and neglect of duty.

Charles Ongom was unavailable for comment.