Tumukunde Tells Muslims to Vote for Change for Better Services

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Gen. Tumukunde told a mosque gathering in Yumbe that they have supported for NRM for 35 years and have achieved nothing.
Gen. Henry Tumukunde

Independent presidential candidate, Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde has called on muslims to vote out Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for them to be able to see better services.

Tumukunde says the muslim community in Uganda has been marginalized by the NRM government.

He has stated that the muslims have been merely feeding on literature without services and it is high time they voted out the current regime.

He made the statement while speaking to a gathering of muslims at Odopi mosque in Okanga village, Yumbe district on Friday.

Gen. Tumukunde was traversing the districts of Yumbe and Moyo yesterday on the third day of his campaign tour of West Nile.

Gen. Tumukunde claims he has a better understanding of the problems that affect the muslim population having studied in Kakoba and Kibuli schools during his student days.

He accuses the NRM government of using fearmongering to ensure that the people of Yumbe support it by telling residents that without the NRM they will be attacked by South Sudan.

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As a result of war and neglect he said the women specifically have been left to wallow in poverty with no hope of economic empowerment.

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Gen. Tumukunde told the people of Moyo that they have been neglected by the government which has failed to improve connectivity to the district.

Speaking at Triangle ground in Moyo town he testified that it took him five hours to drive from Arua to Moyo as a result of bad roads. He  expressed dismay at the high transport fares residents pay to travel to Arua City.

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