Uganda Denies Violating UN Arms Embargo In Somalia

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The Ugandan Government has flatly rejected a United Nations report released on Wednesday that accuses the country of violating an arms embargo in Somalia.
According to the details of the 80-page report, Uganda and nine other countries violated the 1992 UN arms embargo against the North African state. The report accused the countries of supporting either the interim government or the radical Islamic militia, which now controls the capital Mogadishu and much of southern Somalia.
Uganda is alleged to have sent spare parts for anti-aircraft guns and about 100 military advisers to Somalia.
However Information Minister, Kirunda Kivejinja, called the report a speculation. He said that Uganda supported the transitional government in Somalia and would never turn around to undermine it.
Uganda's position on the Somalia arms embargo was made public in September this year when during a visit to the UN Security Council in New York, Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa asked for the lifting of the embargo to facilitate the deployment of peacekeepers in the war-torn country. Kuteesa argued that the existence of the comprehensive arms embargo would make it impossible for African Union peacekeepers