Uganda Runs Out of Election Symbols, Creates More

Returning Officer Ivan Munanura says they have registered such high numbers of candidates in some electoral areas that have exhausted the ten symbols originally approved by the national EC

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The ten election symbols approved by the Electoral Commission for independent candidates are not enough.

THe symbols are:  bicycles, pot, clock, chair, saucepan, table, cup, radio, kettle and ball.

However, these symbols have been exhausted by the local government direct councilors in some electoral areas.

The returning officer for Makindye in Kampala Ivan Munanura says in some electoral areas they have already exceeded  the  number of candidates who are supposed to use the available independent symbols originally approved by the national EC  .

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Munanura explains that unlike in the past, the 2020 elections have attracted more candidates than before and a number of these candidates seems to have been disappointed by their political parties and this has increased the number that is coming as independent


The policy states that in the same electoral area not more than one candidate can use the same symbol in an election. In the circumstances, the EC has had to come up with emergency symbols namely: television, mobile phone, house, bunch of bananas, boat, candle, jerrican, loud speaker, motor vehicle and a tree.

Munanura says staring tomorrow- Tuesday, they will start using  these new symbols for the electoral areas of Kibuye 11, Ggaba D and A.

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Meanwhile Munanura says the have today started nominating candidates for divisional mayors with four being nominated so far out of the 14 aspirants who picked nomination forms for mayoral position.

Those so far nominated are incumbent Kasirye Nganda Ali Mulyanyama, Munaaba Perus, Zikusooka Ali Ahamed and Kiyemba Muzafuluh.

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Meanwhile nominated Ssesuwa Huzairu for councilor LCIII Katwe I described the process to be slow and also mentioned that his nomination is a journey to help people of Katwe deal with garbage problem.

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Lukyamuzi Edwin councilor Lukuli C nominated for LC III says the system is too slow to enable their seconders and nominators stay and wait for such a long time.

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