Ugandan Mourners Tortured by Congolese Soldiers

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A group of mourners from Logiri Sub County in Arua is accusing Congolese government soldiers of torture.

The mourners claim that they were arrested on Friday and detained for seven hours by Congolese government soldiers while returning from a funeral in Congo.

Rashid Angulibo, who is one of the torture victims, claims that Congolese soldiers asked them to produce movement permits but none of them had one prompting the soldier to beat them.

He says that the soldiers ordered them to either pay for their release or be jailed. Angulibo alleges that some mourners lost their money, handbags and phones during their detention.

He says that they were only released after paying 100,000 shillings. Yovan Adriko, the LC 3 chairperson of Logiri sub County, says the harassment of his electorates by soldiers from Congo is becoming rampant in his sub County.

He says that in November this Congolese soldier of Ugandan women everything they had bought from a market in Congo while returning home. Adriko appeals to Uganda to tighten security at the boarder to protect his electorate from harassment.

Captain Peter Mugisha, the UPDF spokesman for West Nile says that Congolese authorities have agreed to investigate the incident. Mugisha says that government is planning to setup am army detach along the boarder as a permanent solution to the harassment of Ugandans.

Last year, a group of Ugandan mourners led by Arua district woman MP Christine Bako were also detained by Congolese soldiers for illegal entry into Congo.

They were released after Ibrahim Abiriga; the Resident District Commissioner of Arua intervened in the matter.