Ugandan MPs Lobbied on Climate Change

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Uganda's Members of Parliament are actively being lobbied to debate and approve policies that with ensure tighter measures against environmental degradation and climate change.
This week, the Uganda Carbon Bureau, with the help of the British High Commission and publisher Pocket Issue, distributed a climate change information pack to all members of Parliament. The information pack contained Pocket Issue's recent book, Global Warming and a report on the Voluntary Carbon Market as well as other environmental briefing papers.
A statement from the Uganda Carbon Bureau says the goal is to bring politicians up to speed on issues and choices raised by climate change.
Climate change issues in Uganda have come to the fore following severe flooding in the northeast of the country that have affected about 300,000 people. Uganda Carbon Bureau wants to help Ugandan politicians to understand both the local and global environmental implications of climate change, including how they can use carbon trading schemes to boost local farming incomes to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide on the environment.
Dubbed ismall briefs for a big worldi, the information pack delivers a brief and condensed appraisal of the issues and background to climate change in less than 100-pages. It gives each Ugandan parliamentarian an overview of the science, the debate and possible future scenarios.
Next week Professor Ian Swingland, an advisor on conservation and biodiversity management at the World Bank, will visit Uganda for a public lecture in conjunction with Nature Uganda. It is hoped that by building public awareness and increasing Uganda's involvement in carbon markets both Nature Uganda and the Uganda Carbon Bureau can offer some coherent response to climate change.